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4CYTE™ Epiitalis® Forte is the new generation gel formula for joint and cartilage matrix support in horses.


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4CYTE™ Epiitalis® Forte is a revolutionary daily joint treatment for horses and is powered by Interpath’s exclusive active ingredient Epiitalis®. 4CYTE™ is scientifically proven to repair damaged joints affected by age, injury and arthritis. Endorsed by Veterinarians and Veterinary surgeons, 4CYTE™ is backed by world-class research and development and offers a money back guarantee.

4CYTE™ Epiitalis® Forte is safe to take long-term and is a feed additive used to:

  • Address symptoms such as stiffness or a lack of willingness to perform; eg. jump, gallop or canter
  • Support decreased joint function and joint health
  • Support healing after a joint injury or surgery
  • Promote healthy joints in high-performance animals

Benefits of Epiitalis® Forte

  • Simple “non-invasive” oral application or can be applied to food
  • Small cost-effective once-daily dosing
  • Can be taken in conjunction with other medications
  • Safe to administer and take long-term with no known side effects
  • Has undergone in-vitro, in-vivo and clinical studies
  • Surgeon and Veterinarian endorsed
  • Clinical improvements should be seen within 7-14 days

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250ml, 1L